8 Days of Savings at Coalway in Ohio

Coalway, our Meadow Creek dealer in Ohio, has announced their 2019 Eggfest, Barbecue Buffet, and 8 Days of Savings at both their Apple Creek and Charm locations.

This event will run from May 10–18, excluding Sunday. There will be a lot to take in throughout the event, including a storewide sale, equipment demonstrations, an all you can eat barbecue dinner, and an Eggfest. This will be a great place to see Meadow Creek equipment first-hand, enjoy barbecue straight off the smoker, and hang out with people who actually do this stuff.

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Ribs, Sausage, and Chicken on Big Black

Big Black is back! In this story, we fired my Meadow Creek TS250 barbecue trailer with a BBQ42 grill to cook 14 racks of loin back ribs, 20 pounds of sausage, and a case of chicken leg quarters. If you’re dreaming of someday owning a large stick burner, you’ll love browsing the dozens of tantalizing photos in this post.

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