April 18

2017 Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply Open House (Photos)


Earlier this month I had the privilege of attending Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply’s open house in New Holland, PA. This is an annual event, which normally lands on a weekend in early April and runs from Friday to Saturday. The main attraction is on Saturday, with free barbecue samples and soft serve ice cream. This year there were about eight different booths outside on Saturday with representatives from a few different equipment brands making the smoke roll. It’s a fun place to see different kinds of smokers and grills in action and to get your fill of pulled pork, grilled chicken, steaks, jalapeno poppers, or whatever they happen to be handing out at the time.

Meadow Creek BBQ Supply is the leading distributor for Meadow Creek barbecue equipment and they also carry Big Green Eggs, Green Mountain Grills and other brands of equipment, supplies, and tools. They host various classes and competitions throughout the year, including an Eggfest, BBQ Battle, a backyard barbecue class, and a deer demo. If you are local or traveling through, it would be worth your time to add this store to your schedule or even plan to attend one of the events.

Jesse, the owner, told me they had a successful open house again this year. Equipment sales were strong over the event, especially backyard smokers and grills, such as the Meadow Creek TS70P and SQ36 offset smoker models. And judging by the crowd that showed up and the interest around the booths outside, it seemed like a lot of people enjoyed the experience.

Here are some delicious photos of the event I captured for you…

Whole pig on a Meadow Creek Pig Roaster (stainless steel body)

As usual, Tom from Smoke’n Dudes was there cooking pulled pork on a Meadow Creek Pig Roaster. He used his custom PR series cooker with stainless steel body.

Stuffed, de-boned whole pig on a Meadow Creek Pig Roaster

This pig was deboned and then stuffed with pork to get more yield, while maintaining the “whole hog” presentation. Tom’s method also allows you to keep the pig “pretty” while you serve the meat instead of picking it apart at the beginning.

Meadow Creek TS250 Tank Smoker Trailer

Tom also had his Meadow Creek TS250 fired, cooking beef brisket and tenderloin.

Serving brisket and pulled pork
Free drinks
Meadow Creek booth

Melvin and Ivan, owners at Meadow Creek welding were cooking chicken on the BBQ26S, steaks on the BBQ42, and pork ribs on the BX50 Box Smoker.

Rib roast, ready to be sliced into 2″ thick tomahawk steaks
Grilling tomahawk steaks on the Meadow Creek BBQ42 Chicken Cooker with flat grate

They had this grill set up with the charcoal on one end for searing the steaks, then the other end was used for a little indirect heat.

Sampling steaks
Meadow Creek BX50 Smoker
Ribs on Meadow Creek BX50 Smoker
Serving ribs cooked on the Meadow Creek BX50 Smoker
Wings grilling on the Meadow Creek BBQ26S Chicken Cooker
Grilled chicken breasts, cooked on the Meadow Creek BBQ26S Chicken Cooker …delicious!
Cooking sausages on a Big Green Egg
Sausages grilled on a Big Green Egg, drizzled with Blues Hog sauce. Amazing!
Breeo booth
Steak grilled on an Ablaze fire pit
Maverick booth
Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply showroom

Jesse stocks a nice display of Meadow Creek equipment as well as all sizes of the Big Green Egg.

And now I’ll sign off with one final oink…

Whole pig on Meadow Creek Pig Roaster
Bye, bye, piggy!

I know many of you couldn’t make it to the open house because of distance, so hopefully you’ve enjoyed my photos and got a taste of what you missed. If you’ve never seen Meadow Creek’s equipment in real life, consider visiting your closest dealer to experience them first-hand. Also stay tuned for more events at other Meadow Creek dealers throughout the year.

Sizzling regards,

Lavern Gingerich


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  1. I’m looking to buy my next Meadow Creek Smoker. I have the SQ36 now AND Love it. I’m looking at the BX25 smoker. Can you tell me anything about it? Have you had any experience with the BX25. Thank You.

    1. I have a BX25 I bought almost a year ago. I love it. It holds the heat well and I am able to maintain temperature pretty well without a GURU. The BX25 has a GURU adapter but I do not know which GURU model that is supposed to work with the adapter.

      1. Hi, a 10 cfm fan will handle it just fine and you can use any of the Guru controllers with it (DigiQ, CyberQ).

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