January 25

BBQ Smoker Trailer Photos to Dream About


BBQ Smoker Trailer Photos to Help You Dream...

Are you dreaming of owning a BBQ smoker trailer that's big enough to feed a small or medium-sized crowd? Here are some examples of smokers and grills on trailers to help you visualize a rig that might be right for you.

Pig Roaster Trailers

These trailers are light and easy to pull and they are perfect for cooking a whole pig or anything you want to cook low and slow. You can also add a grilling pan for turning the cooker into a spacious charcoal grill.

These trailers come in 60" and 72" sizes and feature flush-mount LED lights, safety chains, and easy to lube axles. They ride so smoothly you might forget you're pulling a trailer.

The second tier grate gives you more cooking surface when cooking briskets, pork butts, chickens.

Chicken Flipper Trailers

These trailers are excellent for anyone hosting a chicken barbecue.

BBQ96 Chicken Cooker Trailer

BBQ96 Chicken Cooker Trailer

BBQ144 With Stainless Steel Lids and Slide-Out Grates

BBQ144 Chicken Flipper Trailer
Shown with optional stainless steel lids and slide-out grates

Reverse Flow Tank Smoker Trailers

Few—if any—smokers beat the presentation of an offset smoker trailer at a catering site. We offer four sizes of reverse flow tank smokers that are built onto a trailer.

These BBQ smokers are a delight to pull behind a pickup truck or Suburban—plus they look great! 

Meadow Creek TS250 BBQ Smoker

The storage box is perfect for holding charcoal, wood, and other supplies in fair weather and the optional charcoal-fired chicken flipper on the front is perfect for grilling chicken and many other foods with direct heat.

TS500 reverse flow tank smoker trailer with optional trim package, front-mounted BBQ26S with charcoal pullout and stainless steel lid, tandem axles, and stainless steel on firebox and warming box

Meadow Creek TS1000 Tank Smoker

New: TS1000 Tank Smoker

Ask for details.

Combination Trailers

Sometimes you need two or more cookers to achieve your goals. That's why we offer a wide variety of combination trailers to make it easy for you to cook low and slow while you're also grilling with direct heat.

Caterer's Delight trailer With Alternate Layout

BBQ42 Chicken Cooker and charcoal-fired pig roaster with second-tier grate and rib rack

Caterer's Delight Trailer With Griddle and Stainless Steel Lid on BBQ42 

TS500 with optional stainless steel shelves and live smoke in the warming box

Custom trailer with dual TS500s and optional stainless steel shelves and smoke stacks

See a BBQ smoker trailer you like? Contact a dealer to get the ball rolling with your dream barbecue trailer....

TS250 Tank Smoker With Front-Mounted BBQ42 Chicken Cooker

BX50T Box Smoker trailer with optional BBQ26 Chicken Cooker with stainless steel lid and optional stainless steel interior on BX50 and stainless steel fenders

Custom Trailers

If you need the capacity of several cookers to meet the demands of your catering business, we can build you a trailer with a custom floor plan and your selection of Meadow Creek smokers, grills, sinks, and a fold-down roof. We can also leave room for your appliances, fryers, and storage.

Choose a line-up of Meadow Creek BBQ smokers and grills and let us turn your dream into a classy BBQ smoker trailer. With a variety of cooking methods at your disposal, a 4-bowl prep and clean-up sink, and a fold-down roof system, you'll be ready to feed some hungry crowds even in adverse weather.

See a BBQ smoker trailer you like? Contact a dealer to get the ball rolling with your dream barbecue trailer....


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