Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply Open House (Photos)

Last month Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply hosted their annual open house. Guests enjoyed an amazing variety of barbecue, including pulled pork, prime rib, pork ribs, party wings, chicken, steak, burgers, sausage, and more! Here are a few photos of the booths cooking on Meadow Creek equipment. You can get the rest of the open house photos here.

Whole Pig Cooked on a Meadow Creek Pig Roaster

Tom from Smoke 'n Dudes cooked the pig. They de-boned the pig and stuffed it with boneless pork shoulders, and then cooked it on this propane-fired pig cooker. The cook started at 7:00 pm the evening before and took over 12 hours to finish.

Meadow Creek Pig Roasters make it easy to cook a whole pig without a rotisserie.

Tom also cooked this prime rib on a Meadow Creek Pig Roaster fired with charcoal briquettes and some lump charcoal for flavor. It was delicious!

Ribs, Wings, and Steak

Meadow Creek Welding representatives cooked pork ribs, party wings, and ribeye steak to give away. The ribs were smoked on a BX50 Box Smoker, the wings were grilled on a BBQ26S Chicken Cooker, and the steak was done on a BBQ42 Chicken Cooker With a Flat Grate and the charcoal pan raised.

These party wings were grilled on a BBQ26S Chicken Cooker, a small backyard grill that holds about 15 pounds of bone-in chicken legs and thighs. It's also an excellent wing cooker.

Grate hooks (on the models with a lid) hold the sandwich grate open while loading or unloading the meat.

Here we have a BBQ42 Chicken Cooker with the optional flat grate and the charcoal pan resting on the height adjustment brackets inside the grill to bring the fire up close to the meat.

Browse our online catalog for smokers and grills hand-crafted in the Amish community of Lancaster County, PA.

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Lavern is the online brand ambassador for Meadow Creek Welding and founder of StoryQue magazine.

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Don Smith - June 10, 2018 Reply

Do they make one like on the cover chicken cooker in front and cooker long way could not find anywhere looks good that way


Lavern Gingerich Reply:

Are you talking about the Caterer’s Delight trailer in this post:

Please ask your dealer about doing the Caterer’s Delight that way. We can arrange the cookers several different ways.


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