Monthly Archives: August 2017


Poppers and Pork Choppers (Meadow Creek PG25)

The last time we visited my in-laws in upstate NY, we fired up the Green Mountain Grill for Sunday lunch to cook some of my father-in-law’s farm-raised pork chops. They were simply excellent—thick, tender, with an outstanding pork flavor. I brought a few home to cook over charcoal and share with you here on the blog. Jalapeno poppers were on my mind, so I did a big batch of those as well. What a meal—thick, savory pork chops and cheesy, spicy, crunchy inside a spiral of bacon—fit for barbecue heaven!

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A Day Out With Big Black

Recently I published “Breaking in Big Black,” a story of my first cook on a Meadow Creek TS250 tank smoker with a few sweet upgrades. This post continues my adventures with Big Black when I pulled the rig to a friend’s house for an all-day cook. Check out my collection of tasty photos from this cook.

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