December 28

26S Chicken Flipper: Must-Have Charcoal Grill for Barbecue Enthusiasts


26S Chicken Flipper: A Must-Have Charcoal Grill for Barbecue Enthusiasts

How can a modest steel box like the Meadow Creek BBQ26S empower beginners to grill perfect, tender chicken with crispy skin and a delightful smoke flavor and cook amazing wood-fired griddle meals? Watch this video to find out.

These revolutionary grills really are one of the barbecue world’s best-kept secrets—an experience hard to explain, but impossible to forget.

Each Meadow Creek grill is handcrafted in the Amish community of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with the integrity of workmanship that has made this culture legendary. Our entire line of smokers and grills is designed to deliver many years of trouble-free fun and flavor.

Learn more about this grill and others in this series:


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