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Whole Hog Roasters From Around the World


Are you interested in cooking a whole hog for the first time? You could bury the pig in the ground or wire the whole thing onto a spit and even hand-crank it. Or you could do it the Meadow Creek way, which makes it too easy to cook a whole hog to perfection. Discover Meadow Creek pig roasters here.

Whole Hog Roasters From Around the World

Roasting whole pigs has been a rich part of many cultures for thousands of years. Nothing draws community and family together more than food does, especially where a whole hog is the center of the feast.

Here are some photos of whole hog roasters from around the world.

Motorized Rotisserie Over Charcoal

In this one, the legs are tied together and extended.

Motorized Rotisserie for Several Pigs

Here the legs are wired up against the pig's body.

Butterflied Pig Over Wood-fired Spit

This one has the rear legs of the pig spread out. 

This little piggy went to market... this little piggy went too... 

Uh-oh, looks like all five ended up there!

Hand-crank Spit in Trinidad, Cuba

Look at the patience of those Cubans!

Basket Rotisserie 

This whole hog roaster holds the pig in a basket as it turns.

Porchetta Roaster

This whole pig is wrapped and secured inside a wire netting and rods that turn.

3-Pig Spit

This rig is set up to cook three hogs at once. Notice how they scored the skin to render the fat under the skin. I see cracklings in someone's future!

Street Food in Thailand

Notice how the pig is stationary and the fire is offset from the pig.

Paraguayan-style Whole Pig Roaster

This one cooks the pig butterflied and the fire is contained in a pit, which focuses more of the heat onto the meat. A second grate is bolted on after the pig is loaded so the pig can turn over the fire.

Pickin' Time!

This grill is designed to support the pig even as it's being served.

Kalua (Underground) Pig Roast

Kalua is a traditional cooking method in Hawaii, which involves cooking food in an underground oven. You can read more about this fascinating process on Wikipedia here.

The Meadow Creek Way

As you've seen, there are several ways to cook a whole hog, such as burying the pig in the ground or wiring the whole thing onto a motorized rotisserie—or even hand-cranking the spit to keep it cooking evenly.

For the last 40 years, we've been helping outdoor chefs like you cook whole hogs the lazy aka "easy" way.

Our whole hog roasters make it a breeze to cook a whole hog to perfection without turning the meat, fighting grease fires, or getting up at night to add more fuel! There are no moving parts to maintain or worries about keeping the meat on the spit as it cooks.

This roaster's design makes it easy to hold a consistent temperature for as long as you need it. On the charcoal units, you can add enough fuel to last for the entire cook. For extra peace of mind, you can add an electronic temperature controller and sleep like a baby on an all-night cook.

Whole Pig With Belly Down on Meadow Creek Pig Roaster Trailer

Butterflied With Belly up on Meadow Creek Pig Roaster Trailer

This method contains more of the juices as it cooks.

Perfect pulled pork from the rooter to the tooter!

Our whole hog roasters come in three different sizes and are available as patio models or built on a highway ready trailer with flush-mount LED lights.

Fire the cooker, set the hog on the grate, close the lid, and leave it alone until it's done!

It's really that easy... almost too easy, compared to the old fashioned ways of cooking whole pigs.

And besides, a hog roaster trailer is much more mobile than a hole in the ground.  đŸ™‚

Browse Meadow Creek whole hog roasters here.


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