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Is Your Smoker or Grill Made With This?


Is Your Smoker or Grill Made With This?

At Meadow Creek we believe it takes more than raw steel and cool machines to build a grill or smoker. That’s why every piece of Meadow Creek equipment is handmade in a culture of integrity.

A rich tradition that values…

  • Skill… sticking with the job until it looks like natural talent
  • Honesty… following through on our promises
  • Kindness… a daily drive to serve our customers
  • Diligence… a legacy of teamwork and
  • Efficiency… getting more done without sacrificing quality

Our story begins in the 1980s when someone asked our Dad to build a pig roaster in his small welding shop on the farm.

Since then, decades of innovation and expansion have given us a full line of nationally recognized barbecue equipment, still hand-crafted in the Amish community of Lancaster county, Pennsylvania.

Pig Roasters

Our PR series cookers are designed to roast a whole pig without turning the meat, fighting grease fires, or adding charcoal in your pajamas. They make it a breeze to cook nearly anything with indirect heat, and the optional grilling pan turns this roaster into a spacious charcoal grill.

These roasters are a favorite of caterers and enthusiasts. They come in three different sizes, are available in propane or charcoal versions, and can be purchased on a highway ready trailer with flush-mount LED lights.

Choose from an impressive list of upgrades including a second-tier grate, a charcoal pullout, and doors in the lid.

Chicken Cookers

Our “chicken flippers” come with pivoting double-sided grates for grilling extraordinary bone-in chicken. These charcoal grills are available in a range of sizes from backyard models to large trailer models for feeding hundreds of people.

The optional flat grate lets you raise the charcoal pan closer to the meat and cook meats that don’t fit in the double-sided grate. The griddle makes stir-fry and breakfast foods easy.

The BBQ42 is a best-seller in this category and holds one case of chicken or 32 burgers. The BBQ26S is the perfect size for family grilling and is available in stainless steel on an attractive pedestal base.

The BBQ96 and BBQ144 are built on a trailer and hold up to six cases of chicken at one time.

These revolutionary grills really are one of the barbecue world’s best-kept secrets—an experience hard to explain, but impossible to forget.

Tank Smokers

Our reverse-flow tank smokers put the "style" into good ol' southern style barbecue and make it easy to make amazing barbecue while maintaining the tradition of offset cooking.

The TS70P and TS120P are patio models, and the TS120, TS250, and TS500 are built on a highway-ready trailer with flush-mount LED lights.

The TS250 is our best-selling tank smoker. Popular upgrades on this trailer—a front-mounted BBQ42 chicken cooker, stainless steel exterior shelves, an insulated firebox with charcoal basket, and a trim package—transform this trailer into a pitmaster’s dream we’ve named “Big Black”. This rig is versatile and ready to help you feed hundreds on-site.

SQ36 Smoker

The SQ36 is an entry-level offset smoker with room for 10 Boston butts or up to a dozen racks of baby back ribs with the optional second tier grate. The optional charcoal grill pan turns this smoker into a direct-heat grill.

Box Smokers

The BX series is a line of compact and efficient cabinet-style smokers designed to work with or without water, depending on your preference. The smokers in this line range from the BX25 for backyarders to the most popular BX50 and its big brother, the BX100.

Flat Top Grills

Our flat top grills are an excellent choice for caterers and restaurants who grill large amounts of steaks, burgers, and hotdogs every day. These come in both charcoal and propane fired versions.

Combination Trailers

Our custom and combination trailers are the perfect solution for mobile chefs who want to serve hundreds of people at an event or roadside vending setup, whether the menu includes one meat or all kinds of mouth-watering barbecue.

Mobile Sinks

Our full line of stainless steel mobile sinks make on-site cooking a lot handier and help you meet the requirements of your local health department.

Join the community of barbecue enthusiasts, caterers, competitors, and other happy customers cranking out exceptional barbecue on rugged, American-made smokers and grills, built to serve the coming generation, by a brand that has stood the test of time.

Choose handmade.

Choose integrity.

Explore our smokers and grills here.


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