June 14

2 Reasons People Love Their Meadow Creek Smokers and Grills


Two Smart Reasons People Love Their Meadow Creek Smokers and Grills

People love their Meadow Creek cookers because they are fun and easy to use. The cooker “turns heads” and makes it easy to produce amazing barbecue that earns rave reviews from the folks eating their food. And what’s more, the user experience is relaxing and fun. What a great recipe for successful barbecues—whether you’re cooking for crowds or chilling in the backyard!

Read this article for excerpts from some of the stories we’ve received.

Excerpts From a Few Meadow Creek Customer Stories


Blake in Alberta, Canada owns a PR60G Pig Roaster and TS120 Tank Smoker: “With very little experience smoking I have been able to turn out good volumes of really delicious food. The pig roaster is a breeze to operate.”

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Mark S in PA: “It’s been a blast cooking whole hogs and not having to worry about the pig becoming loose or falling off the spit rod.”

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Wade in CA owns a PR60T Pig Roaster: “Just yesterday I was cooking alongside a rig similar to mine but no-where near as well built and people we’re taking notice of how much better mine worked. The way it stayed hot longer, food looked better and tasted better as well.”

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Mark W in IN owns a BBQ42 Chicken Cooker: “I have had lots of people stop by for ‘the juiciest hamburger I have ever eaten.’ Eighteen inches off the flame smokes ’em Low and Slow Baby!”

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K Johnson: “The construction of the PR60 is unbelievably tight and held heat better than I expected… It took ten hours to bring the pork up to pulling temperature, anPRd there was still plenty of charcoal remaining. The pork was perfect.”

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Ron in OH: “My experience barbecuing on the Meadow Creek SQ36 has been one of my greatest joys! I have FINALLY FOUND performance and quality in a smoker! I have tried many and none compare to my Meadow Creek SQ36! I know when I am barbecuing on it, that it is going to be something spectacular!”

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Charles in IA cooks on a PR72 Pig Roaster: “The equipment drafts perfectly. It is a pleasure to work with. You do not have to stand by these cookers and monitor them as I have had to do in the past.”

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Vincent in FL has a TS250 Tank Smoker: “I am very pleased with it’s ability to stabilize the temperature and cook with a modest supply of wood.”

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David in NJ has five different Meadow Creek cookers: “I get a lot of head turning and complements with this trailer and the chicken, ribs and pig all come out perfect. The cookers make it so easy to turn out good BBQ.”

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Mark in SC has a TS250 BBQ Smoker trailer with a BBQ42 Chicken Cooker mounted: “It has been great. The 250 and chicken cooker cook so easy, almost set it and forget it. Once it’s to temperature, a log every hour is all I use and it never changes temps. Stays exactly the same through the full cooking, creating beautiful bark that’s to die for. The easiest smoker I’ve ever used. And if you never used or have seen the chicken cooker in use, you need to watch the videos. It cooks like a dream with the tastiest chicken anywhere.”

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Wanna Kick Some Tires?

If you’re itching to lay your hands on one of our barbecue cookers, we’d like to invite you to visit one of our dealerships. You can find your closest dealer here.

Because of wide reach here and our sparse dealer coverage in some areas of the US, you might not have a dealer within a convenient distance. You may choose to do your research online or get input from your dealer over the phone.

Here are some resources to get you started:

  1. Download the Meadow Creek Buyer Guide. The buyer guide is an in-depth handbook on choosing the Meadow Creek smoker or grill that’s best for your needs. You will find lots of photos, capacity charts, and explanation of the options for each series of cookers.
  2. Browse the product listings on our website. You will find photos, suggested retail prices, feature lists, and more.
  3. Request a quote from your dealer. When viewing the product you are interested in, check the options (upgrades) you want and click on “Request a  Quote”. On the next page, enter your name and contact information and click “Get a Quote” to send a request to your assigned dealer.


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