Smart Ways to Multiply The Usefulness of Your Smoker or Grill

One thing that sets Meadow Creek apart from other manufacturers is our wide variety of cooker types and upgrades for our cookers. We make it easy for you to choose a cooker or trailer that is extremely versatile. Here are some ways to make your investment pay back more in pleasure and usefulness:

Combination Trailers

A best-selling upgrade on our offset tank smoker trailers is a mounted BBQ42 or BBQ26S Chicken Cooker (charcoal grill with a rotating sandwich grate), such as on Big Black.

Grilling With the BBQ42 on a TS250 Trailer

This kind of grill makes your trailer twice as useful because you can grill chicken and sausage links while you're cooking pork butts, brisket, and ribs. Add a Flat Grate (or hook the standard sandwich grate on the lid) and raise the charcoal pan for grilling anything you want to cook with direct heat, such as steaks, burgers, and hotdogs.

If you want to cook whole pigs, the Caterer's Delight trailer adds a BBQ42 Chicken Cooker to a Pig Roaster trailer, for handling anything you want to smoke or grill on one rig (see photo above).

You can also add a Chicken Cooker to a BX50T Box Smoker Trailer or ask your dealer about designing a custom trailer with your choice of Meadow Creek smokers and grills. We can also add a sink, storage areas, and leave spaces for your own appliances.

Photo by Jeff Bradley

Additional Grates

The second way to get more value out of your cooker is to add more cooking surface with additional cooking grates. 

On a Pig Roaster or SQ36 Offset Smoker, you can add a 2nd Tier Grate, which nearly doubles your cooking surface for items such as ribs and pork butts.

In a TS smoker you can add an Extra Grate in Smoker for cooking thin items such as chicken halves and ribs.

In a BX smoker, you can also get Extra Grates to fill all the tracks. A BX25 comes with 3 grates and has 5 tracks. A BX50 and BX100 come with 4 grates and have 7 tracks. The tracks are 2.25" apart on the BX25, 3" apart on the BX50, and 4" apart on the BX100. A pork butt or whole brisket requires the height of two spaces, but a lot of foods fit in the smaller spaces.

Alternate Cooking Methods

The Pig Roasters, SQ36 Offset Smoker, and Tank Smokers are designed for indirect cooking, but you can add an optional Charcoal Grill Pan for grilling with direct heat.

Chicken Cookers and Flat Top Grills are designed for grilling but an optional Griddle lets you pan fry many different foods, such as burgers, bacon, and pancakes.

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Lavern is the online brand ambassador for Meadow Creek Welding and founder of StoryQue magazine.

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brian - August 10, 2018 Reply

HI Lavern
I am trying to figure out my next smoker. I am attracted to the BX25 for home use. I am concerned about the width. Can I get a full rack of spare ribs on the racks? Two racks of spare ribs per each steel rack? Thanks for you help, Brian


Lavern Gingerich Reply:

Brian, the grates hold one full rack of spare ribs each but two racks of St Louis or baby back ribs. You can add extra grates, but it comes standard with three.


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