Meadow Creek Reverse Flow Tank Smokers Put the "Style" Into Southern Style Barbecue

Few outdoor cookers can beat the presentation appeal of an offset smoker trailer at a catering site. Our reverse-flow tank smokers make it easy to crank out amazing barbecue while maintaining the tradition of offset cooking.

See videos of "Big Black", the customized TS250 Trailer

Big Black is a TS250 tank smoker trailer, decked out with the optional BBQ42 Chicken Cooker, Insulated Firebox, Charcoal Slide-Out Basket, Stainless Steel Exterior Shelves, Trim Package, and Live Smoke in Warming Box.

What is a reverse flow smoker?

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"I cooked 4 pork butts, 8 racks of St. Louis style ribs, and a case of whole chicken legs. They turned out the best I've ever made, no exaggeration! These cookers make a seasoned professional out of an amateur."

Jim, JD's Smoky Pit BBQ

"The TS250 and BBQ42 chicken cooker make cooking so easy, it’s nearly set it and forget it. It cooks like a dream with the tastiest chicken anywhere."

—Mark Stalvey, Gaffney, SC, Cherokee Pit

Not ready for a reverse flow smoker? We build other styles of BBQ smokers too!

Reverse Flow Tank Smokers in Action

Tomahawk Steaks, Beef Short Ribs, and More

Featuring a TS250 Tank Smoker equipped with optional upgrades.

Grilling and Smoking a Variety of Foods 

Featuring a TS250 Tank Smoker equipped with optional upgrades.

Cooking for Hundreds

Featuring a TS250 Tank Smoker equipped with optional upgrades.

Ribs, Sausage, and Chicken

Featuring a TS250 Tank Smoker equipped with optional upgrades.

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Reverse Flow Smoker Airflow

Heat is produced in the firebox at the side, flows beneath the sealed drip pan to the opposite end, enters the smoking chamber, then returns toward the firebox and exits the stack.

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Why you should consider a Meadow Creek Reverse Flow Tank Smoker...

A common problem with cheap offset smokers is inconsistent temperature—it can be a real battle maintaining the fire for long cooks. Our reverse flow charcoal/wood fired smokers make it a breeze to crank out amazing barbecue while still giving you the fun of poking coals.

  • If you like managing a live fire, they are fun to use—even on longer cooks.
  • You can deck out one of our reverse flow smokers with lots of cool options, including insulated firebox, stainless steel workshelves, and a mounted chicken cooker. What's more, we promise to make it exactly how you ordered it.
  • We put our whole heart into producing top quality. You really need to see the workmanship in real life to fully appreciate it, but everything from the heavy steel doors to the positive-lock latches to the smooth welds, sliding stainless steel grates, and rounded tank ends designed for optimal airflow comes from a passion to give you the best value for your dollar.
  • The trailer models look great behind your pickup truck or SUV and come with a 2" ball hitch, a heavy-duty wheel jack, rubber torsion axles, and flush-mount LED lights.

Usage Summary: If you want to cook with indirect heat, but occasionally cold smoke cheese and cook over direct heat choose a Meadow Creek Tank Smoker with an optional Charcoal Grill Pan.

Difference in Models: Available in charcoal/wood fired models. The TS120, TS250, and TS500 models each come built on a highway trailer. The other models are made to move around by hand, but you can order any model mounted on a custom trailer. Sizes range from smaller backyard models to the 500-gallon TS500. Browse the product listings above for photos, features, measurements, and add-ons for each model.

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