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2020 Meadow Creek Barbecue Equipment and Catering Auction

It’s time to make plans for attending the annual barbecue and catering auction hosted by Meadow Creek Welding in New Holland, PA! There are always a bunch of smokers and grills at this auction, including Meadow Creek cookers, which makes this auction the best place to buy used Meadow Creek equipment.

If you’re close enough to attend, make sure you mark your calendar for both the auction and open house—or even better, plan to stay long enough to enjoy some of the other shops, restaurants, and attractions in Lancaster County, PA.

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The Handmade BBQ Smoker Buying Guide

The Handmade BBQ Smoker Buying Guide Discover why the handmade BBQ smoker will always have a place in American barbecue and who they are designed for.What is a handmade BBQ smoker?In many parts of the US, there are welding shops—both mom and pop shops and small factories—building BBQ smokers and grills by hand. Today this […]

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