Elk Ribs and Water Buffalo Tri-Tip on the Meadow Creek BBQ60G Grill

Even though the Flat Top grills don’t draw as much attention as the more exciting models, such as Big Black and the BX50 smoker, they do fill a special place in the Meadow Creek family. They are designed specifically for direct heat grilling—and they do an excellent job of it even when cooking for hundreds.

At our last annual dealer meeting lunch, we enjoyed elk ribs and water buffalo tri-tip grilled on a BBQ60G Grill. I’m sharing some photos of this cook here to give you a “real life” glimpse into how these grills work.

The grill used in this post is a gas-fired Meadow Creek BBQ60G that comes standard with a sturdy cart base equipped with pneumatic tires and 8” casters

Here is the BBQ60G loaded with elk ribs:

Close-up of the ribs… aren’t they looking right delicious?

The burners run from front to back and have removable stainless steel guards which keep the drippings out of the burners.

The grate has two height positions on the gas models and three positions on charcoal models. The grate is made of T-304 food grade stainless steel, like the rest of our grates.

The gas models come with a slide-out drip pan (see below). The charcoal models come with a charcoal pan insert that lifts out the top of the grill, making it easy to remove the ashes when you’re done.

A shield protects the valves in the front of the grill from accidental impact.

Below is the end opposite the gas hook-up. Notice the spring handles that stay cool during the cook and the sturdy handle mounted to the body of the grill for moving it.

Here we have the water buffalo tri-tip on the grill:

Looking delicious!

Time to eat… that’s some good eating right there!

The BBQ60G has a grate size of 22″ x 57″ and holds 50–75 burgers at a time. As you can see, it is perfect for hot dogs, steaks, or anything else you want to grill over direct fire. Equipped with non-rusting stainless steel grates, heavy pipe burners, and 13 gauge steel, these grills are built to hold up under constant use in restaurants and other commercial environments.

If you prefer charcoal, check out the BBQ60. Or if you need a smaller size, the BBQ36 has about half the cooking area.

For more photos and information on these grills, click one of the links below. While you’re there, you can click the “Request a Quote” button on the product you are interested to get a quote and arrange shipping or local pickup with your nearest dealer.

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