About Meadow Creek Welding, LLC

Cooking on crappy equipment makes you look like an amateur. We hand-build custom barbecue equipment that makes outdoor cooking fun and easy, so whenever your people crave real food, you'll be ready to make it happen.

Since 1980, Meadow Creek equipment has gained a cult following among all kinds of barbecue lovers, from backyard enthusiasts to award-winning chefs. Welcome to the family.

Our mission is to build barbecue equipment that lets you do your best work, every time, so you can skip the drama and distractions and focus on sharing the best possible barbecue with your friends, family, or customers.

From a Small Farm Welding Shop

Like many great barbecue stories, ours began when a guy wanted to roast a pig.

In the early 1980s, Dad was an inventor with a small custom welding shop, and when our neighbor asked him to build a pig roaster, he was happy to oblige.

The pig roaster was a hit, and more neighbors started putting in orders, until Dad found himself building barbecue pits full-time.

More than forty years on, we’re still driven by the same passion that drove Dad: to make your outdoor cooking experience so easy, fun, and successful that you’ll want to cook every chance you get.

Today you’re spoiled for choice, with a full line of Meadow Creek grills, pig roasters, smokers, and mobile sinks. Each piece of equipment is still hand-built right here in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

American barbecue culture is shaped by old-fashioned values of integrity, community, and hard work, and those values inspire everything we build. It’s our greatest honor to share that tradition with you. You are the reason the Meadow Creek story is possible.

—the Stoltzfus family

Enjoy This Photo Tour of a Typical Day in Our Shop

The Meadow Creek story begins and ends with you.

The barbecue world is a place of tight friendships, fierce rivalries, and strong beliefs about what food should be. Some controversies will last as long as people cook with coals. But the disagreements between pitmasters highlight what we all have in common: a burning passion for the magic that happens when people are drawn together by food and fire.

If you’re here, you share this dedication to the craft and community of barbecue. And at Meadow Creek, we believe your passion should be reflected in the equipment you cook with. Since 1980 when we built our first pig roaster, we’ve been obsessed with crafting tools you can trust to bring your biggest barbecue dreams to life.

Year after year, you’ve told us what you loved and hated about barbecue pits, and we’ve translated your priorities into our designs. In your hands, the Meadow Creek line of equipment has gained an unmatched global reputation for ease of use, performance, and reliability. More than forty years on, pitmasters are still turning out delicious barbecue on some of the first Meadow Creek pits ever built.

Professional-grade barbecue equipment is expensive, and when you’re dropping that kind of money on a barbecue pit, you need to be sure it’s a good investment. That’s why we invite you to explore our website, read the specs, talk to a dealer and set up a demo, whatever it takes to be sure you’re making the right choice.

After cooking for a few years, you get an eye for the difference between world-class equipment and something with flashy details and a pretty paint job that’s going to disappoint you in the long run. So do the research, kick the tires, and line up any Meadow Creek pit against the competition. You’ll find the heavy construction, top-of-the-line components, understated visual appeal, and wealth of standard performance features put Meadow Creek pits in a category alone.

You can buy a cheaper pit, easy. But we doubt you’ll find one that makes you happier than Meadow Creek.

Meadow Creek is family-owned and operated and based in New Holland, PA in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. All our products are proudly made in the USA. You can get Meadow Creek equipment exclusively through our dealer network nationwide and throughout Europe and Canada.