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Meadow Creek SQ36 Barbeque Smoker

(6 reviews)

$2,725.00 MSRP (add-ons in photos not included)

“This is built very strong and will last a lifetime. I highly recommend this product.” Jack French

This entry level BBQ smoker is an outstanding choice for backyard enthusiasts who want an offset smoker that’s better quality than the chain store models. If you need more space, add a second tier grate to almost double your cooking area.

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BBQ Feast on the SQ36 Smoker

3 Reasons to Cook on an Offset Smoker

This entry-level BBQ smoker is a great choice for backyard enthusiasts who want an offset smoker that’s better quality than the chain store models.

The T304 stainless steel cooking grate holds 5–6 pork butts or 2 whole briskets, and the optional 2nd Tier Grate doubles that. The optional grill pan converts this smoker into a direct-heat grill for burgers and steaks.

Similar to the PR36 BBQ Smoker, this backyard cooker adds a firebox on the side, for cooking offset smoker style. Indirect heat comes from slowly burning wood or charcoal in the fire box. The removable ash pan and easy access to the firebox makes stoking the coals hassle-free.

The SQ36 BBQ Smoker is charcoal/wood-fired and can hold 5-6 pork butts or 5-6 racks of baby back ribs. An outstanding smoker for small barbeques. Check out the TS70P Tank Smoker if you need more cooking space.

The optional charcoal grill pan lets you bring the charcoal into the cooking chamber and close to the grate for foods you want to cook with more intense heat, such as steaks, hamburgers, and hotdogs.

“I couldn’t be happier with the versatility of the SQ36. Maintaining temperature is very easy once you get the vents at the right spot.” —Kevin Rau

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Key Features of the Meadow Creek SQ36 Barbeque Smoker

Smoke Distributer

Distributes heat and smoke throughout the cooking chamber for even cooking.

Stainless Steel Grate

The stainless steel grates are rust-free and easy-to-clean.

Firebox Grate

The heavy duty firebox grate keeps the coals off the floor of the firebox for an even and consistent burn.

Calibratable Thermometer

Equipped with a stainless steel calibratable thermometer for easy and accurate temperature readings.

Best-Selling Options for the SQ36 Barbeque Smoker

Click the "Customize" button above to select options

Second Tier Grate

Increase your grate surface to almost double so you can cook even more food at a time.

Rib Rack

Maximize your smoker's capacity for ribs.

Charcoal Grill Pan

Bring the charcoal close to the grate for thinner foods you want to cook with more intense heat, such as steaks, hamburgers, and hotdogs.

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Additional information

Overall Dimensions

56.5”h x 61.5”l x 29”w

Grate Dimensions

14.5” x 35”

2nd Tier Grate Dimensions

13” x 34”

Cooking Area

3.52 sq. ft. (507.5 sq. in.)

Cooking Area With 2nd Tier Grate

6.59 sq. ft. (949.5 sq. in.)

Grate Style

Wire Grid With 1/2” Spacing

Metal Thickness

13 Gauge

Metal Thickness on Fire Box

1/4” Plate

Net Weight

310 lbs.

Shipping Weight

350 lbs.

Capacity of Pork Butts

2nd Tier Grate: 10, Single Grate: 5-6

Capacity of Baby Back Ribs

2nd Tier Grate: 10-12, Single Grate: 5-6

Capacity of Spare Ribs

2nd Tier Grate: 4-5, Single Grate: 2-3

Capacity of St. Louis Ribs

2nd Tier Grate: 8-10, Single Grate: 4-5

Capacity of Whole Briskets

2nd Tier Grate: 4, Single Grate: 2

Capacity of Brisket Flats

2nd Tier Grate: 5-7, Single Grate: 3-4

Capacity of Chicken Halves

2nd Tier Grate: 15-20, Single Grate: 10-12

Capacity of Whole Pigs

Single Grate: 30-40 lbs.


6 reviews for Meadow Creek SQ36 Barbeque Smoker

  1. Tracy Turner

    I’ve had my SQ36 for about 8 years now and really appreciate the quality. I’ve learned how to use it and have really enjoyed it. I get better with every cook and it is very easy to learn. I just did my first brisket and it turned out perfect. This is a top quality offset stick burning smoker.

  2. John Russell

    I’m in love with this smoker! With the 2nd tier, I can feed a huge crowd a variety of smoked meat. Cory’s input about starting the fire is correct. If you do so, you can keep your desired temp throughout the cook.The quality of my finished product is 10 times better than on my New Braunsfield offset. Also, the customer service support from Lavern & Meadow Creek is phenomenal

  3. Dave L

    I love my SQ36! I’ve had it for a few years now. Easy to fire, and plenty of room for 4 or more racks of ribs on the single grate. It’s very well built of heavy steel, and is large and heavy – a serious cooker! But not the sort of cooker you would use for small quantities of meat. Comes up to temp quickly, and holds a fire nicely. A few suggestions: 1) I use a cheap $20 propane torch connected to a 20 lb. propane tank to initially fire the charcoal – MUCH easier than trying to shovel in hot coals from a chimney starter. 2) I use a Flame Boss WiFi controller with fan which I adapted to one of the sliding dampers. It should be a factory option, as it’s incredibly handy at keeping a set temperature during a cook. 3) In really cold and windy weather, I use an old heavy moving blanket over the cooker to help keep the heat in. 4) And as Corey mentioned, it’s annoying that water gets in if it is out in the rain – both into the smoke chamber and the fire box – so I keep and use mine under a shed roof to keep it (and me) out of the weather.

  4. Michael B. Sedgwick

    I have had the SQ36 for more than five years and I have outgrown the unit. I wish that the smoke box was much larger. Nice smoker.

  5. Corey Davidson

    This cooker is very well made. It feels far sturdier and solid than anything you’ll get at a big hardware store. Depending on the type of meat you most like to cook, I recommend adding either the 2nd tier grate, like I did, or the rib rack–or both! By adding the 2nd tier grate you will be able to cook for a huge number of people. Even without the extra grate, the standard grate is long and deep enough to cook two decent sized briskets or three or four pork butts, which you know can feed quite a few people. Personally, I like to cook chicken on this thing–a lot of chicken.

    Another ‘Pro’ is how hot this thing gets. You really do not need to load the firebox with charcoal unless you’re cooking at a high temp, like 325 to 350 for chicken. You just need to put a layer of charcoal on on the bottom and light one corner with a quarter chimney of lit coals. That will achieve the low and slow temps you want. I learned this the hard way!

    As far as ‘cons’ go there is unfortunately one that really annoys me: When it rains, the bottom fills with water like a leaky boat. I think it has something to do with the hinges on the back. Even if you close the chimney, it still gets a lot of water in it, even if you leave the drain valve open all the time it gets a lot of water in it. This is only a minor ‘con’ since you can either buy the high-quality cover that Meadow Creek makes or you can get a cheaper but serviceable one at a hardware store.

    Overall I really like this smoker. It’s extremely versatile! It’s big enough to even cook a piglet on, and I bet it would do a great job. I would say the learning curve is a bit steep, if, like me you’ve only cooked on cheap smokers or Webers (which are actually pretty good) and the water thing is a bit annoying too. Still, despite these minor drawbacks, the value and quality is there.

  6. Jack French

    This is a great smoker and bigger than you may think. I’ve fed up to 40 people from this smoker and have and 80# pig
    This is built very strong and will last a lifetime. I highly recommend this product

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