Meadow Creek TS70P Barbecue Smoker

Meadow Creek TS70P Barbecue Smoker

  9 reviews

$4,050.00 MSRP (add-ons in photos not included)

The Meadow Creek TS70P BBQ Smoker is an offset smoker for backyard or competition use. Like all of Meadow Creek’s tank smokers, the TS70P stick burner is made from a heavy steel tank and is equipped with two slide-out stainless steel grates that never rust for many years of enjoyable cooking. Reverse flow draft makes it easy to maintain a consistent and more even temperature in the smoking chamber.

What is a reverse flow smoker?



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The Meadow Creek TS70P BBQ Smoker is an offset smoker for backyard or competition use. Like all of Meadow Creek’s tank smokers, the TS70P stick burner is made from a heavy steel tank and is equipped with two slide-out stainless steel grates that never rust for many years of enjoyable cooking. Reverse flow draft makes it easy to maintain a consistent and more even temperature in the smoking chamber.

If you like water smoking, the built-in water pan holds water or apple juice in the bottom of the smoking chamber to help keep your meat from drying out. After you’re done, conveniently drain all the moisture out of the bottom through the handy drain spout.

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Additional information

Overall Dimensions

76”h x 64”l x 44”w

Cooking Area

7.29 sq. ft. (1050 sq. in.)

Top Grate Dimensions

25" x 20"

Space Above Top Grate


Bottom Grate Dimensions

25" x 22"

Space Between Grates


Grate Style

Wire Grid With 1/2” Spacing

Tank Dimensions

23.375” x 43.25” (70-gallon)

Metal Thickness on Tank


Fire Box Dimensions

18.5” Cube (Inside: 18” x 18” x 13”)

Metal Thickness on Fire Box


Net Weight

535 lbs.

Shipping Weight

635 lbs.

Capacity of Pork Butts


Capacity of Baby Back Ribs


Capacity of Spare Ribs


Capacity of Whole Briskets


Capacity of Whole Chickens


Capacity of Whole Pigs

20-25 lbs.

Features of the TS70P Barbecue Smoker

  • Reverse flow draft
  • Positive-lock latches on all doors
  • Grate in firebox with slide-out ash pan
  • Drain with ball valve for draining the tank
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Door on one side of smoker
  • Stay cool handles and firebox door
  • Exterior work shelf
  • Stainless steel calibratable thermometer
  • Heavy duty pneumatic turf tires
  • 8" semi-pneumatic casters with brakes
  • Heat baffles on firebox protect the tires from excessive heat.
  • Cooking grates are made of rust-free food-grade T304 stainless steel rod and easy to clean.
  • Built in water pan helps keep your meat moist when water smoking with apple juice or other liquid.
  • Tanks are made of 3/16” plate steel and fireboxes of 1/4” plate steel and painted with black heat-resistant paint in an attractive matte finish.

Usage Recommendations

For Smoking - we recommend using non petroleum based starters. Residue in the smoke from these starters can contaminate the cooking box with the potential to effect the flavor of the meat. The use of a torch or paper and kindling is most effective. Use approximately 20-25 lbs. of charcoal in fire box to get started. Once meat is placed in smoker, you can add wood in fire box for smoking. You can continue to use wood or charcoal (your choice). Add wood or charcoal as needed to maintain temperature where you want it.

For Grilling - remove bottom grate from smoker and slide in optional charcoal grilling pan. Put in your desired amount of charcoal and slide top grate above charcoal pan.

9 reviews for Meadow Creek TS70P Barbecue Smoker

  1. Quintin Galloway

    Have a TS70P with warming box. I’ve had a lot of smoker’s including Lang. This has got to be the best smoker I’ve ever had. Fire management, smoke profile is just too good to be true. On the fence about one. Buy it. You won’t regret it.

  2. Micah Barcalow

    This smoker replaced an old unit that I built for myself. I did a lot of research before buying and settled on Meadow Creek. I am thrilled with my purchase through several smokes (pork loin, chicken, brisket, pulled pork). It took a while for me to adjust to exactly how efficient this is compared to my previous smoker, but I am getting more comfortable with temperatures. It is also incredibly easy to clean and maintain! My only criticism at this point is that the paint on the top of the firebox peeled off when I built a hot fire. It’s cosmetic, and I can fix it with the extra paint that came with the smoker, but it was still annoying. The stainless steel shelf and drip pan were absolutely worth adding on.

  3. Neil Darling

    Bought it in Arizona and brought it home to B.C. Canada. Has the insulated fire box and works at -30 degrees. About double the cherry wood as summer but the only smoker I have had that will hold a steady temperature at these temperatures. Have had it five years – quality is top notch. Won’t even have to paint the fire box for another two years. Great smoke flavour and the water/drip tray adds flavour/moisture and makes for reasonable easy clean ups.

  4. Jimmy Hoy

    I just LOVE this smoker. I chose just about all of the upgrades. This smoker cooks like a dream and its really easy to maintain a nice clean smoke and a consistent temperature..

  5. Douglas Nale

    I purchased my TS70P from the great people at The BBQ HQ in Simi Valley, CA. This is my first go with an all wood offset smoker which is an upgrade from the Weber Smokey Mountain. I have 16 cooks under my belt in just 11 months comprised mostly of brisket, pork shoulder and pork ribs. My family and friends love the food this smoker produces and I am very happy with the quality, especially the stainless steel rod grates. I only wish it had a port for temperature probes. It is a great addition to my backyard and I definitely recommend Meadow Creek.

  6. Kevin Carlson, Rush City MN

    Love my PR 60 that I bought a few years ago. I’ve had as much as 175 pounds of pork butts on the main rack at one time. I use the BBQ GuRu Cloud control unit with 2 pit viper fans and it is almost set it and forget it. Very happy with this purchase. Looking at purchasing the charcoal grill pan for it maybe this year

  7. Bill Haltom

    I have owned the ts70p for a few months now and love it! I have smoked all kinds of meat ant they all have turned out great. A tip I did learn is to be sure to heat the tank first to ge the smoke and heat going through better. It does say that in the manual,but who reads instructions.
    The charcoal pan is a must have. I have used it more than I thought I would. It has made some awesome steaks.
    This grill replaces one I had for twenty years and I bet it last longer. Living in the south and cooking on it all year makes it worth the money!

  8. Marvin Eugene Sellers Sr.

    TS70P Barbecue smoker we simply love it, there’s just no other explanation to describe that smoker!!! We smoked small pig’s, lot of ribs, turkey’s and lots of salmon…

    We also have an older gas Meadow Creek Combination Trailers With a BBQ42 Chicken Cooker and 72” Pig Roaster it’s fantastic also… We smoked turkey and pigs!!!

  9. B.Presnell

    I have owned my TS70P for around 3 years now. In that time I have smoked turkeys, pork ribs, and pork shoulders.
    When looking for my ideal smoker I knew it needed to be a capable 100% log burner and figured the TS70P would fit that bill.
    So why the Meadow Creek over other brands? For me it was the quality of materials vs. cost value and in that regard Meadow is hard to beat. Its made of a good heavy gauge steel that will last for decades, the grates are all stainless steel, the reverse flow design with water pan and insulated fire box are hard to find in this price point. When I am done with smoking for the year, we have long very cold winters, all I do is open up the pit and pressure wash it out and let it dry. Easy….
    My only gripe is I wish it had come with a log starter option using propane. I have since built my own and it makes restarting the the pit easy if I let the fire get to low on a long cook. In all I love my Meadow Creek.

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