Meadow Creek BBQ42 BBQ Pit

Meadow Creek BBQ42 BBQ Pit

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$1,175.00 MSRP

“I was able to cook 75-80 lbs of wings per hour with ease…The consistency with each batch was seamless and they were cooked to perfection.” Calvin Steele

This Meadow Creek chicken cooker is one of our best sellers. Grill large amounts of perfect chicken without a sweat. Its flipping sandwich grate lets you turn 40 pounds of chicken with one stroke of your hand.



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This Meadow Creek chicken cooker is one of our best sellers. Grill large amounts of perfect chicken without a sweat. Its flipping sandwich grate lets you turn 40 pounds of chicken with one stroke of your hand.

The top lid gives you plenty of control over a hot fire. Leave the lid open for darker, more crispy skin on your chicken or close the lid for beautiful, golden-brown skin. Height adjustment brackets for the charcoal pan let you bring the heat closer to the grate for steaks or hundreds of hamburgers and hotdogs.

Charcoal / wood-fired. Not available in gas/propane. Holds 40+ lbs. of chicken (1 case of legs and thighs).

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Additional information

Overall Dimensions

39”h x 56”l x 34”w

Grate Dimensions

22” x 40”

Number of Grates


Optional Flat Grate Dimensions

22” x 41”

Cooking Area

6.11 sq. ft. (880 sq. in.)

Cooking Area of Flat Grate

6.26 sq. ft. (902 sq. in.)

Space Between Wires on Flat Grate


Space Between Grate and Bottom of Cooker


Grate Style

Wire Grid With 1/2" Spacing

Metal Thickness

13 Gauge

Net Weight

238 lbs.

Shipping Weight

310 lbs.

Capacity of Chicken

40 lbs.

Capacity of Hamburgers


Capacity of Spare Ribs


Features of the BBQ42 BBQ Pit

  • 5" Hinged Lid
  • Rotating double-sided grate made of food-grade T304 stainless steel rod which won’t rust.
  • Charcoal Pan Insert
  • Vents in Lid
  • Charcoal Pan Height Adjustment Brackets
  • 13" Tires
  • Grill body is made of 13-gauge welded steel and painted with black heat-resistant paint in an attractive matte finish.
  • Calibratable Stainless Steel Thermometer

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Usage Recommendations

Approximately 25-30 lbs. of charcoal to cook 40 lbs. of chicken for first rack. If you wish to continue to a second rack, add approximately 10-15 lbs. For other cuts of meat, grilling, smoking, etc., put in your desired amount.

8 reviews for Meadow Creek BBQ42 BBQ Pit

  1. Bob Munchbach

    My wife and I catered a wedding reception a few weeks ago. I met a guy there that was boasting about being a grill master, but he wouldn’t eat BBQ chicken, not even his own. After the meal was served, he told me his son kept pestering him about trying the chicken until he tried a piece. He said he was skeptical at first, but he went back three times and said it was the best he has had in years.
    The BBQ42 deserves all the credit, it makes it easy to make great BBQ chicken. And to think I got to primarily cook brats!



    My wife bought one for me last year I liked it so much I bought two more this year for my catering business. It truly is the best chicken cooker on the market


  3. Andrew Yoder

    I have owned 6 or more of these over the last 20 years and cooked for weddings and banquets. It consistently cranks out top notch chicken. Definitely one of the BBQ worlds best kept secrets.

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    Image #1 from Andrew Yoder
    Image #2 from Andrew Yoder


  4. F maldonado south texas

    One of the best bbq’s that I have owned, great for my family meals load it with chicken, pork rib eye steak, veggies bratwurst and go . Also great for Cabrito and bone less leg of lamb


  5. Freddie Brigham

    I have owned your chicken cooker for about 5 years and cooked for parties of 400 and I can truly say that I have never burned up a grate full of chicken. This grill makes perfect chicken every time. It is also very well made.


  6. Carroll Roten

    Had my cooker for about 2 years. Without a doubt it’s the best grill I have ever owned. Always cooks delicious and juicy chicken. I love the flip tray. No more scorched hands from turning the chicken!


  7. Paul McNerney

    This thing cooks as advertised! I put in about 20 lbs of charcoal,lit it in several places and then evenly spread out the coals. I put on 4 spatchcock chickens and flipped them every 10 or 15 minutes. The chickens were done in 1 hour flat and turned out golden brown and juicy. I am looking forward to a lot more cooks with this rig!


  8. Bill Carter

    Purchased one of these in October 2018 for retirement parties at my police dept. Definitely a work horse. The Chicken is amazing and the ability to cook 40lbs at one time saves time.


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