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Autumn Barbecue on Big Black

Enjoy my photo journal of a big day on my Meadow Creek TS250 reverse flow tank smoker. On the menu is brisket, pulled pork, ribs, chicken, sausage, and duck! I’ve also included some observations on fire management in a Meadow Creek reverse flow smoker.

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Four Racks o’ Ribs and Six Tasty Chick’ns…

Pulled pork and brisket cooked for 12 or 14 hours make a great story and taste outstanding, but some days an all-day cook is just too much. Thankfully, there are plenty of meats you can cook on a smoker in 4–6 hours. In this story I fired up “Big Black,” my Meadow Creek TS250 Smoker, for a quick and tasty barbecue of ribs and chicken.

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3 Briskets, 2 Butts, and 1… Big Black

The falling leaves and the changing colors in my yard tell me that autumn is already here. How can this be? Summer is up in smoke and has left me wishing for at least a little more, so I thought I’d share a little summer throwback with you—this late spring cook on Big Black with 3 beef briskets and 2 pork butts.

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Elk Ribs and Water Buffalo Tri-Tip on the Meadow Creek BBQ60G Grill

Even though the Flat Top grills don’t draw as much attention as the more exciting models, such as Big Black and the BX smokers, they do fill a special place in the Meadow Creek family. They are designed specifically for direct heat grilling—and they are excellent at it, even at scale. Check out this wild game cook on the BBQ60G to see how impressive these are.

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Poppers and Pork Choppers (Meadow Creek PG25)

The last time we visited my in-laws in upstate NY, we fired up the Green Mountain Grill for Sunday lunch to cook some of my father-in-law’s farm-raised pork chops. They were simply excellent—thick, tender, with an outstanding pork flavor. I brought a few home to cook over charcoal and share with you here on the blog. Jalapeno poppers were on my mind, so I did a big batch of those as well. What a meal—thick, savory pork chops and cheesy, spicy, crunchy inside a spiral of bacon—fit for barbecue heaven!

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A Day Out With Big Black

Recently I published “Breaking in Big Black,” a story of my first cook on a Meadow Creek TS250 tank smoker with a few sweet upgrades. This post continues my adventures with Big Black when I pulled the rig to a friend’s house for an all-day cook. Check out my collection of tasty photos from this cook.

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