Handcrafted Outdoor Cooking Equipment for the Serious Pitmaster

Pro pitmasters worldwide choose Meadow Creek BBQ smokers and grills to cook the finest barbecue under the most demanding conditions.

There are two keys to consistent, professional-quality barbecue:

  • You have to know what you’re doing.
  • You have to have equipment you can trust. 

With Meadow Creek equipment, you know you’re equipped to serve the best barbecue possible to the people you care about. And nothing tastes better than success.

Latest Releases

SM48 Santa Maria Grill

The SM48 is Meadow Creek’s unique handmade spin on the popular Santa Maria style grill. With a flashy stainless steel crank mechanism, height-adjustable grate, and easy-rolling turf tires, this grill is as versatile and rugged as it is pretty.

Meadow Creek COMBI42 Grill

COMBI42 Grill

With the brand new COMBI42, you can finally do it all. This shockingly competent cooker combines the best features of our popular BBQ42 and PR42 models to feed your backyard party or cater your event with equal ease.

TS1000 Tank Smoker

The TS1000 barbecue tank smoker trailer boasts a 1,000-gallon tank, twice the size of the TS500 and four times the size of “Big Black,” our 250-gallon smoker. Smoke up to 200 racks of baby back ribs on its 8 sliding stainless grates. Can you handle the TS1000 BBQ smoker trailer?

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You’re Better Than You Used to Be

Cheap barbecue equipment can be fine when you’re starting out. But as your skills improve and your standards rise, “good enough” isn’t good enough anymore. 

Want to cook a fundraiser as easily as you cook for date night? Sip drinks and chat with friends during a long cook on the smoker, without worrying about it running away or cooling off? Roll into an event with a smoker trailer that marks you as a pro before you jump out of the truck?

Today more than ever, people are hungry for the communal meals, friendship, and connection a good pitmaster can help create. When you join the Meadow Creek community, you become part of a family bringing back the good times that make life worthwhile.

How to Buy a Meadow Creek Pit

Talk to a Dealer

Your local Meadow Creek dealer can help you choose the right model and options for the way you cook, or set up an in-person product demo.

Get it Shipped

Your dealer will arrange local pickup or factory-direct shipping to suit your needs and location.

Live the Dream

Fire up your custom Meadow Creek pit and start building your own barbecue legacy.

Premium Barbecue Equipment for Every Pitmaster

One overlooked benefit to becoming a Meadow Creek owner is the wide variety available from one source. Most premium barbecue equipment manufacturers specialize in one or two types of pit, forcing you to shop around if you need equipment from more than one category.

Meadow Creek’s full equipment line lets you get everything you need in one place, with the legendary build quality and customer support you already trust. 

Backyard BBQ
Competition Turn-in Box
Stewart Ellis Cooking Chicken

Offset Smokers: Available from small to gigantic, offset smokers are your everyday workhorse for any kind of indirect cooking. Meadow Creek’s offset smokers earn rave reviews for the exquisite smoke flavor they produce, for their even temperatures across the cook chamber, and for the way the temps can be dialed in and locked in the chosen range during a long cook.

Pig Roasters: Would you like to feed a large crowd with a smoker that's user-friendly and spacious? Smoking a whole hog or cranking out mouth-watering brisket and ribs for hundreds of people should bring you joy and fulfillment, not frustration and stress. If you're ready for a frustration-free way to do whole hog roasts and smoke BBQ for crowds, things don't get much better than a Meadow Creek pig roaster. The PR series is one of the easiest smokers to use in Meadow Creek's lineup, and with it's wide array of options, you can get yours customized to your specific needs.

Chicken Flippers: Meadow Creek's chicken flippers offer a brilliant solution for mastering the art of grilling and barbecuing chicken to perfection. Whether you're cooking for your family or catering for 1,000 people, we have the equipment you need to comfortably pull it off.

Tank Smokers: Meadow Creek's classy reverse-flow tank smoker is a work of art—both in beauty and performance. It's well thought out design makes smoking with wood or charcoal a breeze. These smokers are designed to last for a long time, and many of the units are perfect for hosting backyard parties or even large catering projects. Their impressive appearance makes you, the pitmaster, the center of attention every time Unlike mass-produced smokers, you can order a host of customizations so your smoker does exactly what you need it to.

Cabinet Smokers: These efficient, insulated box smokers can smoke with or without water and take up just a small footprint on the patio.

BBQ Trailers: If you’re serious about feeding crowds, it could be time to look at a custom barbecue trailer. Craft your ideal trailer from the ground up. Get all the pits, cabinets, and sinks you need built in where you want them. Check out some BBQ smoker trailer photos we’ve built for other pitmasters.

Reverse Flow Smokers: Reverse-flow smokers use a baffle to push heated air and smoke from the firebox to the opposite end of the smoker before it enters the chamber that holds the food. All Meadow Creek tank smokers use a reverse-flow system to even out the temperature in the cook chamber for a better, more consistent cook across every area of the grate. Learn more about how reverse flow smokers work.

Mobile Sinks: Our full line of mobile sinks are the perfect solution for on-site hand washing, prep work, and clean-up. Each model is made from food grade T304 stainless steel and features fresh and grey water tanks.

Commercial Flat Top Grills: These mobile flat top grills are perfect for grilling steaks, burgers, and hot dogs in restaurants, festivals, and other commercial settings.

Steak Grills: A compact charcoal grill for steak competitions, backyard barbecues, tailgate parties, and campouts. It heats up fast and reaches 400–600 degrees F for grilling perfect steaks, brats, burgers, and anything else that loves direct heat.

Patio Grills: With the PG25 charcoal grill, you can grill burgers, brats, and steaks, or raise the removable charcoal pan to cook ribs, pork shoulders, and whole turkeys on indirect heat. Ideal for the backyard or patio, the PG25 holds 16–20 burgers, 7–9 ribeye steaks, or 1 rack of spare ribs.

Santa Maria: Inspired by the 150-year barbecue tradition of California’s Santa Maria Valley, this classic grill could make you the center of attention at your next cookout. Santa Maria style grills are known for using a cable system to raise and lower the grate over the fire. Our classy all-stainless crank mechanism is rust-free, runs on smooth bearings, and controls the same welded stainless steel grate you know from our other pits for easy cleaning and zero corrosion.

Customer Reviews

Check out our customer stories page for a mouth-watering collection of raving reviews from people cooking on Meadow Creek BBQ smokers, pig roasters, charcoal grills, tank smokers, and more!

"Cooks like a dream!"

When I decided to start selling BBQ, I researched for about 6 months and fell in love with the Meadow Creek TS250 w/chicken box.

I absolutely love my Meadow Creek TS250 with BBQ42. Once I put my ribs in, I only open to spray them down twice. My chicken box cooks like a dream! When it's time to turn the chicken, it's as easy as a flip of my wrist. I don't have to stand over the heat to flip each one like most people in my area.

What's really funny is when guys see my RIG, their mouths drool about it as much as the ribs and chicken that are being cooked. LOL.

Hope you enjoy some of the pictures I sent to you. In my opinion, Meadow Creek Smokers are simply the BEST!

Mario Posada III

Smoke Signals BBQ // Immokalee, FL

Smoke Signals BBQ

Take a Tour of Meadow Creek Welding

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of our shop where we build our BBQ smokers, grills, and roasters.

Dad was an inventor, and he liked to build things. So when a neighbor asked for a custom pig roaster, Dad welded one up in the little metal shop on his farm outside New Holland, PA.

The buyer cooked on it, loved it, and spread the word. Other neighbors started begging for pits of their own. Soon Dad found himself building barbecue pits full-time.

Since that first pig roaster rolled out of Dad’s shop more than four decades ago, some things have changed. Now Meadow Creek equipment is built in a bigger shop by a skilled crew of full-time craftsmen instead of one farmer in his spare time.

Today Meadow Creek’s unmatched workmanship, thoughtful design, durability, and classic visual appeal enjoy a cult following among barbecue pros and enthusiasts around the globe.

But some things haven’t changed.

Meadow Creek is still a hands-on, family-run shop, not a gleaming factory with robot welders humming while their human minders play Solitaire behind big glass windows. That’s one reason pitmasters who cook on Meadow Creek rave about the sharp looks, clean fit and finish, and top-tier performance of their equipment.

Every cut, every weld, every curve and corner on a Meadow Creek cooker is crafted by a set of experienced human hands. Every vent, latch, and handle is placed by a worker with dirty clothes and a trained eye for detail.

Take our virtual shop tour above and watch this gritty, manual process for yourself.

Meadow Creek Blog

Read our blog for Meadow Creek demo cooks, stories, and product updates.

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Why Smart Pitmasters Choose Meadow Creek

To own a Meadow Creek pit is to join an exclusive family of barbecue fanatics and pros who know what excellence is and refuse to settle for “good enough.” You’ll feel the difference right away.

We’ll treat you like we want to be treated. Period. That’s because Meadow Creek equipment is built in a culture committed to Christian ethics—honesty, hard work, and fairness.
Stainless Steel Grates

Your days of scrubbing rust and worrying about iron contamination are behind you. Non-rusting welded stainless steel grates are standard on every Meadow Creek pit.

Handmade Quality

Every detail is crafted to give you a barbecue experience you’ll find nowhere else. Meadow Creek pits are designed by barbecue experts and made one at a time by experienced craftsmen.  

Comparing Meadow Creek to anything else is apples to oranges. But we challenge you to find anyone offering more barbecue bang for your buck.
Rock Solid Build

Whether you want to cater, compete, or hold epic backyard cookouts all summer, these pits are ready for anything you can dish out. Every Meadow Creek pit is built to commercial standards to handle years of hard service. 


Some of the killer benefits you get with a Meadow Creek pit are unavailable anywhere else. Like the ease of flipping chicken on the double-sided chicken flipper and the peace of mind you get from rust-free grates.

Road-Ready Trailers
You’ll have all the documents you need to license your barbecue trailer. Meadow Creek is a nationally recognized licensed trailer manufacturer.
The Works

It doesn’t matter if you want a pig roaster, a chicken cooker, a grill, a sink, a roll-around grill or a trailer-mounted smoker. Meadow Creek has the right piece of equipment to fit your barbecue lifestyle.


You can customize everything we offer. From quotes on custom barbecue trailers to upgrades on a backyard grill, your dealer can guide you through the options. If you have a dream pit in your mind, we can make it happen.

Is Meadow Creek for Me?

The FREE 66-page Meadow Creek Buyer Guide explains what you need to know to shop with confidence: 

  • Which pit works best for each cooking style
  • How many people each Meadow Creek model can feed
  • What all those model numbers mean
  • What each option does and where it might be useful
  • Side-by-side comparisons of popular Meadow Creek products 

…and much more!

Click the button below for the free PDF download. You’ll be reading your buyer guide in minutes.

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