Four Racks o’ Ribs and Six Tasty Chick’ns…

Pulled pork and brisket cooked for 12 or 14 hours make a great story and taste outstanding, but some days an all-day cook is just too much. Thankfully, there are plenty of meats you can cook on a smoker in 4–6 hours. In this story I fired up “Big Black,” my Meadow Creek TS250 Smoker, for a quick and tasty barbecue of ribs and chicken.

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3 Whole pig on Meadow Creek Pig Roaster

2017 Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply Open House (Photos)

Earlier this month I had the privilege of attending Meadow Creek Barbecue Supply’s open house in New Holland, PA. This is an annual event, which normally lands on a weekend in early April and runs from Friday to Saturday. The main attraction is on Saturday, with free barbecue samples and soft serve ice cream. This year there were about eight different booths outside on Saturday with representatives from a few different equipment brands making the smoke roll. It’s a fun place to see different kinds of smokers and grills in action and to get your fill of pulled pork, grilled chicken, steaks, jalapeno poppers, or whatever they happen to be handing out at the time.

Here are some delicious photos of the event I captured for you…

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