2018 Meadow Creek Barbecue Equipment and Catering Auction

It’s time to make plans for attending the annual barbecue and catering auction hosted by Meadow Creek Welding in New Holland, PA! There are always a bunch of smokers and grills at this auction, including Meadow Creek cookers, which makes this auction the best place to buy used Meadow Creek equipment.

If you’re close enough to attend, make sure you mark your calendar for both the auction and open house—or even better, plan to stay long enough to enjoy some of the other shops, restaurants, and attractions in Lancaster County, PA.

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Meadow Creek Chicken Flipper Showcase

The Meadow Creek BBQ42 Chicken Cooker is an all-time bestseller. It’s large enough to feed 50 people but small enough for patio use. Naturally, it’s also quite popular in our Meadow Creek Equipment Owners Facebook group. The smaller BBQ26S, with a cooking area under half that of the BBQ42, is also popular among backyarders.

Here are some photos from the Facebook group of the BBQ42 and other Meadow Creek Chicken Cookers grilling chicken, wings, skewers, ribs, and even briskets.

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8 Days of Savings at Coalway in Ohio

Coalway, our Meadow Creek dealer in Ohio, has announced their 2018 Eggfest, Barbecue Buffet, and 8 Days of Savings at both their Apple Creek and Charm locations. This event will run from May 11–20, excluding Sunday.

There will be a lot to take in throughout the event, including a storewide sale, equipment demonstrations, an all you can eat barbecue dinner, and an Eggfest. This will be a great place to see Meadow Creek equipment first-hand, enjoy barbecue straight off the smoker, and hang out with people who actually do this stuff.

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Meadow Creek Pig Roaster Showcase

Last week I featured some of my favorite tank smoker photos from the Meadow Creek Equipment Owners Facebook group. We also have a bunch of fans cooking on the PR series cookers, so I thought I’d feature some of them here in this week’s blog post. Keep reading for a whole lot of tastiness, including whole pigs, ribs, butts, brisket, and chicken. Let’s “dig” right in…

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