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Meadow Creek specializes in serious outdoor cooking equipment for the serious cook. From smokers and pig roasters to BBQs and flat top grills, award-winning chefs, backyard enthusiasts and food service professionals have trusted Meadow Creek to provide the professional-grade equipment they rely on since 1980.

Years of innovation and research, combined with feedback from our customers, have produced a distinct line of outdoor cooking equipment that is easy to use, offers versatile features, produces consistent cooking results and provides long-lasting value. In fact, many of the cookers we sold more than 30 years ago are still in operation today and will continue to deliver for many years to come.

Take one look at our cooking equipment and you'll see the quality construction that goes into every unit we build. We understand that buying a professional-grade outdoor cooker is an investment for our customers. That's why we use thicker metals and provide more standard features than any of our competitors. We love what we do and invite our customers to compare our products to the best they can find!

Meadow Creek is family-owned and operated and based in New Holland, PA in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country. All of our products are proudly made in the USA and are available nationwide and throughout Europe and Canada exclusively through our network of dealers.

So if you're serious about cooking and want to achieve the amazing flavor and consistency you've only dreamed about, take a look at Meadow Creek's line of outdoor cookers and compare for yourself!

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